Your dream holiday

The tempting sea and sunshine that warms up
For accommodation in Croatia are the best summer months of June, July and August when the local weather is the hottest. But even the spring or autumn months I am beautiful in Croatia. In spring everything is flowering and its nature offers its most beautiful face. And in the autumn it is still warm enough for the bite, but mainly it is possible to travel and explore the local beauties.
Hot days and nights full of surprises
You like to travel is nothing simpler than that from your quality accommodation in Croatia you are going on excursions for exploring. Like the Plitvice lakes, this is the most famous natural park in Croatia and it consists of a complex of lakes with clear water and a wide range of cascades and waterfalls.
A walk through the landscape where riding the famous Indian Chiefer Vinets is a great experience.

Holidays for all
Holidays at the Adriatic can afford really everyone in the offer are different accommodation options in Croatia. From those luxury in top hotels to living in a tent in the campsite. Each of these accommodations has its own pro and against. Someone likes the luxury of another is rather
Closer to nature and therefore do not hesitate to visit this seaside country.

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We are very familiar with the industry

In the field of production, assembly and sale of tailor-made interior doors, we are very familiar and therefore we will gladly assist you and professionally advise you on the choice of both dimensionally and type-suitable to perfectly complement your home or office. We are also able to draw up a preliminary price calculation that would be affordable and profitable for you.
We hope you choose from our offer
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Plastic windows for modern households

Plastic windows are the obvious choice for you if you prefer economical savings, low acquisition costs, high functionality and service life.

It is no coincidence that the plastic windows are today the most used type of Windows ever. There are wooden windows in the icebox and there are several reasons why this is the case. The first is economic savings. Thanks to them you will not be called. To droit the Lord God in the Windows, that is, all the heat that is to keep in the apartment will give you a poorly sealing window or its mechanical damage, because it does not completely close. In some cases, the costs you invest when you purchase are up to half lower than if you wanted to invest in windows of another type. And last but not least, plastic is a material that will guarantee you a long life, without the need for plastic windows to be specially maintained, ie. Be painted or applied with special preparations.
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Many of you argue that plastic windows cannot be taken in a design that you would like. This is not true, because today it is possible to meet almost all the demands of the customer, primarily in a variety of colors, but also in dimensions and shape. Different non-standard requirements can be solved.

Sanitary facilities and showers are shared

Would you like to go on a holiday with your family this year? Then we would like to see you at the Mácha's Lake. Our Elite Cottage village in Staré Hamrech is expecting you. In our four-bed chalets you will find everything you need for your stay, including a refrigerator. Small children will surely welcome swings, climbing frames or sandpit. We look forward to all our guests.
Pay your holiday Sports
Staying in our facility will surely be the most appreciated by those of you who are playing sports. Guests can try a game of volleyball or table tennis. There is a possibility to play tennis or minigolf in close proximity to our premises. Bicycle rental and scooters are also available for you. You will not have to get bored at the Macha Lake. We will take care of your good well-being and rest.

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Low prices, wide selection
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Do you need a water mains connection?

Do you need a connection to a public sewage or water mains? In this case, you can rely on our company, which has been operating in the field of sanitation, its construction, maintenance and repairs for more than 20 years.
Our company operates mainly in Prague and Central Bohemian Region and ensures all work related to sewage or waste.
Sewers and connections
For our company, building sewers, sewage or water connections does not pose any problem. Our experienced employees perform all necessary work – from planning, through excavation and laying and connection of the connection to the test of its tightness and landscaping to the original state, all in a very short time and at a very attractive price. If you want to learn more, please check our website or contact us.

Apartments in Croatia

You've worked hard all year and now you need to reward yourself. We offer you apartments in Croatia and Montenegro. Prices are really unbeatable and given so that everyone can enjoy the holiday. We're the market leader.
Apartments in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia and holidays in Montenegro is simply an unforgettable experience. Whether you will be inhabited by our apartments in Croatia or those in Montenegro, we guarantee that you will enjoy a lot of unique experiences every day. We have been offering you our services for 13 holiday season.

You will not miss anything

Apartments in Croatia are equipped with everything you need to leave. With fun and not only will you advise our delegate. You will see a lot of beautiful places and experience a remarkable experience that you will long remember. Our clients are returning to us and this is proof that we are doing our job well.

From massages to good food and night entertainment

Do you want to spend your holiday in the country amidst charming nature? Then choose a holiday in our country in Jesenínás. Kurzovní Sporthotel is already ready for you. We have professional and friendly staff. Fulfill every wish you desire. At the Sporthotel we have a restaurant, a café and a wine bar, you can relax in the wellness centre. Accommodation Jeseníky will not disappoint you.
We will accommodate you at the Sporthotel Kurzovní. We have one to five-bedded rooms and suites. The Sporthotel's accommodation capacity is 142 beds and 6 extra beds. If you are interested in hiking or mountain biking, you will be here in the right place. Spend the day outdoors in the countryside, like hiking through the peaks of the surrounding hills. Accommodation Jeseníky = Best holiday.
Accommodation capacity
The accommodation capacity is 142 beds and 6 extra beds. Accommodation Jeseníky is the best for you.