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Is Living in a Storage Unit an Option for You
With the skyrocketing increase in the cost of renting a house, it will cost you a fortune to only go by one month. This problem is even more elaborate for most Americans who have to part with about one thousand five hundred dollars every month just for their rent.

The exorbitant fees charged by house owners have made some people resort to cheaper substitutes like living in a storage unit which might not even be legal. This may seem very appealing but a factor you should look into keenly is whether it is even legal in the first place. Knowing the potential risks associated with moving into a storage unit may just be enough to discourage the notion. The savings might just not be worth the many dangers of living in a storage unit.

It may be puzzling that somebody in their right state of mind would consider such an unhealthy option. Many of us would consider the thought of moving in to a storage unit completely absurd and outright insane. Would you move into a storage unit fully aware off the many risks involved in the name of saving a couple of bucks? The fact that it cost four times as much to rent a home compared to renting a storage unit makes it seem like an actually great idea to cut on costs. It is only reasonable that some people may consider this option.

The concept of saving a fortune by moving into a cheaper storage unit has been a great contributor to the growing trend of individuals and families considering this thought. There has been extensive media coverage of people living in storage units of late in an effort to reduce the cost of living. The people who were making headlines for living in storage units were later evicted from their storage units or were arrested and charged. It is without doubt that living in a storage unit is illegal and doing so might land you in a cell or escalate to you losing your storage unit.

However frightening this may seem, some people may still think it is worth the risk. The conditions inside may take a toll on your health and it may get really hot inside where the temperature is not regulated. In the event of a fire break out in the storage unit, it may be impossible to exit due to their design. This is the point where you should think of reconsidering the notion if you were planning to do so.

Bearing in mind that it as illegal as it is dangerous, living in a storage unit might just not be worth it. Just stick to using a storage unit to store most of your stuff and consider finding a smaller and affordable house to rent instead. This will not only save you a couple of dollars but also help you avoid the myriad dangers associated with living in a storage unit.

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