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Different Historical Sites Available in Independence, MO

Ideally, Independence Missouri was known to be President Harry S. Truman’s hometown and has numerous historical sites. Once you are considering to take a trip to the Independence, MO, the following are a number of historical things to do that is worth not missing.

One of the historical sites that you require to visit in Independence, Mo is the Harry S. Truman National Historic Site. As a result of visiting this site, you are going to learn more about what life would be like for the 33rd president while relishing the simple life before his eight years of presidency. Despite the second floor is closed for the public, when you visit the first floor you will see the Steinway piano that was bought by the Truman for their only daughter as a Christmas reward. Additionally, in the same second floor, there is a White House Portrait of the first lady, Truman personal library, record collection along with other landscape paintings.

When you visit Independence, MO, another critical historical site you need to go and see. You will find that the United States Government made use of the Fort Osage as a factory trading post for the Americal Frontier, back in the early 19th century.

In addition to the above historical site in Independence, MO, once you pay a visit in that place, you are assured of finding Jail, Marshal’s Home and Museum. These two jails were built in 1859 by Jackson County. What was included in the jail was a home for the county marshal and his loved ones. Another thing that was available in the jail was twelve cells at the back of the residence, six downstairs, and six upstairs. For the cells that were six by nine foot in size, they used to hold as many as 20 prisoners during the civil war, but in the normal days, they used to hold three prisoners.

Harry S. Truman Presidential Archive in addition to Exhibition hall is another vital historical site you are likely to see once you visit Independence, MO. After the presidency of Truman was over, he utilized the library to carry out his day to day activities and actually most of his time was spent there. Also, you will see the National Frontier Trails Museum when you visit there. As a result of visiting National Frontier Trails Museum, you will get the learn the story of the pioneers who decided to risk it all to start the new lives in the American West via California, Oregon, together with Sante Fe trails. Bingham Waggoner Estate is also a perfect site to visit while in the Independence, MO.

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