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Essential Security Tips Every Woman Should Know
This selection of tips focus on exposing women to some of the critical tips they should consider especially in a case where one lives alone. Bearing in mind that about one in every ten women in America live alone, this selection is essential in making sure that women living alone are safe. Living alone is not bad bearing in mind that it empowers a woman and at the same time allow her to keep her schedule and manage her time. Even while it is good to live alone, it would be essential for one to consider additional safety as recommended by this selection. This selection ought to expose you to top safety tips for women whether you are living alone for the first time or whether you find yourself alone at home.
As a woman who lives alone, it would be wise to start by listing emergency numbers. It is normal for one to first think of calling any time there is an emergency. You would need to make all your emergency numbers accessible. This selection lists some of the emergency numbers you may need to consider in your list. You may need to have medical emergency numbers, poison control, police emergency numbers, family and friends who live nearby as well as your phone number. Local tow and car repair, the insurance company, your landlord, local hospital, pertinent work numbers, electricity, water or even gas. It would also be essential to have people who visit, housesit or babysit know of the list.
It would be essential to consider installing an emergency alarm app. It is also essential to consider repairing your keys and locks especially immediately after moving into a new home.
In a case where an intruder breaks into your home, you may need to consider having a weapon for self-defense. It is also essential to remember that a fire extinguisher is also a very good weapon even when it also serves the need whenever there is a fire.

One would also need to consider extra lighting. Even when one ought to turn off lights with the essence of saving the energy, having some rooms with lights even when they are not occupied creates an illusion that the rooms are inhabited. It may be critical to consider installing motion-activated spotlights in a case where you feel that having lights throughout the night is not necessary. It would also be wise to consider installing security cameras whether you are always in the house or not. In a case where they do not have night vision mode, you may consider positioning them near the motion sensor lights.

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